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Saturday, August 14, 2010

BizaRRe TaLe!! :: PART- 2

NOTE - Read the previous post in this blog to follow the TaLe.

All long talks on phone and the game of message-message was on its peak.

Although nothing sort of propose and all happened but still during this period I started wondering what if she got serious. So I tried to ignore her several times. But that was for only initial two miss calls because it became irresistible to ignore the third one.

Now she had got one tutor and went to tuition in the evening.

I used to meet her at her tuition point as it was not that easy to talk face to face at her home. During these days she introduced me to her friend Neha, who also studied at the same tuition point.

One day her mother was sleeping inside and having a good opportunity to meet, she called me downstairs in her drawing room. And I was lost in her talks. Suddenly her mother came in the room with suspicious looks (might be she was listening to our talks for some time :P). I stood up and went out of the room straight away without wasting a second. She did not reply any of my calls and messages whole next day. It strengthened my belief that something went wrong. After this matter I used my common sense and decided to change my room next day (before I was kicked out with huge public humiliation :D).

I did not tell my plans to her as I knew that she would never agree for that. I changed the room next day. She was so sad that she refused to talk that whole day but any how I managed to convince her (after trying to explain again and again) an everything became smooth again.
 Nothing changed. We kept talking on phone as before. The thing just changed was that that we could not see each others face daily.

One fine morning I woke up late(as usual) and saw the watch, "Oh I missed the first lecture" said to myself (as if everyday I was able to attend -I missed the lecture daily). I called her(it was second thing used to do after getting up as first one was regretting for the missing lecture). Her cell was switched off. I did not gave a thought and assumed that there might be some problem. But started worrying when it remained switched off whole day. Although I called on her Basic landline phone few times but each time her mother picked up and I had to pretend someone who dialed wrongly.
Next day I went to her tuition. She was not visible anywhere. I saw Neha and went to her.

Neha: Hi..
Me: What happened..her cellphone is switched off??(never cared to wait for her 'hi').
She: Ya..she has changed her number.
Me: Ok give me the new number (taking out my cellphone from the pocket and ready to type).
She: I can't give you.
Me: What!!!?(puzzled looks)
She: Ya..I can't give u.
Me: I know there are certain problems, I know her mother suspects but still..(lost all the rational mind as I was almost dead in these days and badly I wanted to listen her voice, at any cost)
She: No..her mother does not know anything!!
Me: Sure???
She: could she know??
Me: (regretting again and again that why I changed the room..was i so coward???) na..nothing..I just thought.. Then what is the prob..!!!?
She: I can't tell you.
Me: Why!!!!(my face was red in anger)..Please tell me(suddenly expressions changed to 'helplessness')..I will definitely solve everything..I am dying to talk..
She: Well...(her expressions were telling she felt very pity for me)..I can tell you but please don't tell to her..(means my acting of helplessness was good)
Me: Ok..(the best thing with girls is that they cannot keep others secret for long..especially some other girl's secret ..)
She: Her boyfriend doesn't like her talking to you..
Me: What !!!!!!!!?????(I felt as if someone broke all my bones in one go..), she has got a boyfriend also???
She: Ya..
Me: But she never told me...
She: She feared that you would not like it..
Me: What the f*** I have to do with her boyfriend.. She is not my girlfriend..I just want to talk to her because I like talking to her..
She: But she won't talk to you...
Me: Just tell her i want to talk to her last time..plz plz plz..
She: I gotta go..(she went away hurriedly).

I was telling myself again and again that-" It is fact that I am not her boyfriend and never wanted to be". Then also I am angry, sad, helpless at the same time. Definitely there was something wrong. "Am I in love??".."No man How can anybody do such stupid thing"...(contd)


  1. i like the way you narrate your bizarre tale...i am waiting for the 3rd one....well done avee ..

  2. complete the post dost.. i am waiting...

  3. achha khasa maja aa raha tha ki cont. ka sign laga diya...
    well nicely written post bro... curios to know abt the climax

  4. thx pd,poru and manish..
    i hve posted the next part...

  5. I finally read all the three parts today. I had read the 3rd and final part of this series long back.
    Interesting story. Life is like that with its interesting and sinister turns. Felt a bit sad for you but cherish the memory. Maybe it was love or an infatuation which had grown into something more than infatuation.