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Sunday, August 15, 2010

BizaRRe TaLe!! :: PART- 3

Note: Read previous parts to follow the TaLe.

Next day in the evening I decided to call her up on her Basic land line phone. I called. Fortunately she picked up as her parents had gone to some party.

Me: You did not tell me that you have got a boyfriend?
Ria: What!!..Who told you????
Me: I know one guy from your class..he's my friends cousin..
Ria: So you inquired about me..?
Me: Na..not in that way I just told about you..but he gave this information without asking...
Ria: I will kill him!!!!!
Me: You kill him or whatever but tell me one thing- Do you have a bf??(framing each word clearly)
Ria: ..can say YES..he is my class mate...
Me: (disconnected)

I felt as someone hammered me on my head. Till now I was in doubt that her friend might lie or anything. Her acceptance removed all the doubts.
She called back immediately.

She: What happened??
Me: (trying hard to pretend that everything was usual)Phone was cut automatically. I didn't do anything. BTW congrats. Give me the opportunity to meet him..or give his phone number i'll talk to him.
She: : I have to ask him before giving his number to you. I have already told him about you..
Me: (This one answer caused a roar all over my body...she can't give damn number to me without asking him...this time I was sure that I felt jealous and insulted as well) ok..good...I have got some work right now..will talk to u later..give me your new number..
She: I can't give that. He doesn't like my talking to you..
Me: ohhkkk...(was running out of words..first time i felt like hitting her)(disconnected)

After this I had my exams starting in that week itself and no need to tell, all f***d up a very big time. Sometimes I used to call her on her land line - many times her mother picked up And in case she picked up she would give some random excuse(including that her boyfriend's calling on mobile)...

I was missing her every single second but could not do any thing. Just to see her I used to roam around her house. Very few times used to become successful also. No doubt my state was a pathetic one. All I could do was to read her messages in my cell again and again.Those messages became something very soothing, which were like a rubbish before.

I was emotionally damaged totally and decided to end up all. Thought I would say final bye to her and after that will delete out all her contacts. Actually this all I was doing just for my satisfaction and already knew that it mattered nothing to her. I went to Archie's shop. One instinct of me was asking to take a Love Card and propose her without caring for the results(effect of Bollywood  and other instinct for a Good Bye card. Finally I decide to buy a Good Bye card as I knew that to propose her, I had to fight with my own dignity.
I wrote one final message conveying that it was my last bye and how much I was missing her.

I called her on her land line again and again until once she picked up instead of her mother. I asked to meet. She agreed after a little of my effort. She said she had already left the tuition so she could meet me while going to school in the morning. I agreed. Next day I got up at 6 am (an achievement) and reached at the promised location half an hour early. She came. She was accompanied with Neha (same friend).

She: Hii..
Me: (After seeing her after such a long time I was totally choked up so could not speak anything..just smiled)
She: What happened!!!!?
Me: (Took out the greeting card from my jacket and gave to her)Its for u..
She: (holding it..)What is this??
I answered nothing and walked away instead of her shout-'Listen to me..where are you going...Akhir hua kya hai..etc and kept on walking without turning back..

Though she called back in evening after coming back from school but I did not reply. She kept on trying for few days but I ignored each time.And at last her calls stopped coming. I knew not talking to her was the best way to heal myself.

My engineering got completed and one day  left the city. It's been almost an year since it happened but now also her face is intact in front of my eyes. Still I am not able to understand what happened to my type of guy who doesn't believe in Shahrukh Khan. Nothing sort of this happened earlier in spite of flirting with other charming and b'ful girls.
After this I am left with nothing to draw conclusions. You people may think I was screwed up by a girl of 8th standard or I was mad enough to talk to her in first place or it happens or anything...Its you people who draw the conclusions and give comments.

Although I tried to find some alternative to solve the problem but it came out to be another adventurous story. But right now I am not in mood to tell another story... :(


  1. All are welcome for comments.. write watever u it mistakes or anything.. :)

  2. ur writing skills are just superb..
    u also wrote a poem for me, did u remember...
    very nicely portrait-ed..
    keep it up and keep writing more..
    waiting for ur next story..
    may god bless...

  3. nice work champ......really
    just keep rocking bro.......

  4. hey yr touchn n real story hapnin to most of us.. good wrk

  5. avee good story wid tragic ending...but i like the way u present the humor factor in b/w as like chetan bhagat( m just giving an eaxmple)...keep writing...

  6. hey bro such a fast improvement in writing style.... welcome in bloggers world...

    worthful reading every time

  7. thx asha,gurpreet and mag[m]..
    gurpreet u r rite Chetan Bhagat is one of my inspiration..but its too much to be compared..

  8. Hi CraZyFUNDU,
    Nice narration.... good flow.
    But you use SMS lingo a lot :)
    But all in all I loved the story ....
    waiting for next story ...

  9. Very creative....looking forward for more!! :)

  10. thanx sweta for pointing out the mistake..from next time i'll take care..

  11. @kranjini thanx..definetly will be posting very soon.. :)

  12. It made a nice read. Am waiting for the next part eagerly. I hope you are gonna continue it???

  13. @sh@s
    its real life incident and there is no more to tell in this..
    I'll be posting my new story soon..

  14. gud post...well written and interesting....gud presentation..keep blogging and wish u all the best!

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  15. Boss seriously saying .... dere is nothing right or wrong in love.
    Ang its my thought there is noe place for dignity in love.

    Its your destiny, accept it.

  16. Oh man what a great real life portrait you have drawn. . . . At the same time "Ria" is fantastic . . . Chhoti si umar me lag gya rog. . . . He he . .

    @admin or writer or both (If you're same person. . Lol) find her she must be dying for yew . . Really !

  17. Please . . . Post solution to this prob. There are many other guys of 'your' type . . Including me . . And this may happen to them anytime , may be with a mature girl but . . This is possible !

    I think I must prepare myself against this tragedy ,
    So pre planning to fight a situation like this is not a bad idea.
    So please kindly buddy post solution.

    Now smile.

  18. @Shashank: dude..u r rite...There is nothing like right or wrong in love... :)

  19. @admin: haha...there's there's is no solution to the problem... It's just a thing to be felt and and extract max out of the moments... :)