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Sunday, November 13, 2011

If I Had Two Extra Hours: A Soul's Story

"O God! I want just 2 hours to go back to the earth, Please, Please..!"
God replied firmly - "All the life which you were given, you have spent. Not even a moment is left in your account !! Sorry dude".

This was the conversation between me and God when I was separated from my body on earth, few days back. It was a gruesome road accident. I was coming from my office at 11 in night and suddenly a drunk fellow banged his car into mine.  God did not allow me for even two hours on earth as I begged. I was the CEO of a a crazily growing Software Firm, appointed a year back only.

If I had known  that I was left with 2 hours more life then I would have taken out my beautiful wife to have one last dinner with me. I want to hug her and tell that how much I loved her. I wanted to tell her that I want only she as my wife again, in all the lives I get ever. It was just my profession which had taken the toll. It was not that I had stopped loving her less, but was because of handling huge responsibilities of my Company. And in fulfilling those I forgot my own personal responsibilities towards her and our kid. She always yearned for some quality time with me. It's been more than an year we went for vacation and spent some quality time for ourselves,only  for ourselves. I always told her to wait till my company's next target gets met. I want to tell her that I was pushing this hard just to be able to gift her 'The Mansion' which she always dreamt about and gushed over.

I want to spend few last minutes with my 6 year old kid. I couldn't recall when I listened his endless innocent talks patiently. I was always in hurry or engaged with some preoccupied task. He wanted to tell me all the school stories. He always wanted to beat me in a cricket match in our backyard, but I never had time to play and loose a game just for his happiness. Usually I would come after 11 and he was asleep. Every morning he would say 'bye' before going to school in school van. I want to tell him that I was pushing this hard just to  provide him world class education and lifestyle in future.  I want to say 'sorry' to him.

I want to call my mom and dad and say that It was nothing that I had stopped caring them. It was just my profession, whose preference, I never knew when, became above them. I wanted to tell them that It was not that I never thought about them. I wanted to tell them that I was pushing this hard just to renovate huge village haweli as per dad's dream. I wanted to keep both of you here, with me, in the mansion which I was about to buy. I wanted to say 'sorry' to both of them for the way I ignored you.

At last but not the least I wanted to call all my buddies, who had always stood by me in all my low times. And I forgot to embrace them when I was on peaks of success. I want to say cheers again to all of them, one last time.

But time has gone. I am left with all the hopelessness and regret here. I wish I had two extra hours more. I wish I had two extra hours more.

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